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Riedel Ayam Decanter

Riedel Ayam Decanter
Fine Crystal, Mouth-Blown

Ayam, a new decanter which was released by Riedel in 2016, which takes its name from the world's most exclusive and coveted breed of hen, indigenous to Indonesia. The elegant and impressive appearance of the Ayam hen inspired Maximilian J. Riedel, 11th generation CEO & president of Riedel Crystal, to create this groundbreaking and functional design. This impressive decanter marries functionality with exceptional aesthetic appeal. The Ayam is a decanter with a dual decanter function, meaning the wine is aerated both when it is poured into and from the decanter, significantly reducing the time needed to "open up" the wine. The gurgling sound produced when wine poured into and from the decanter illustrates the intensity of the oxygenation process. However, the real innovation lies in the design of the Ayam, which was created not only to stand on the table, but also to hang from it! Hand-crafted and mouth-blown in the company's glass-works in Kufstein, Austria, this crystal glass decanter is ideal for younger red and white wines. 

Formed freely by hand without the help of any molds by Riedel master glass blowers, the Ayam decanter is extremely demanding to create, with a wide mouth for both receiving and pouring wine opening into a wider base to allow the free flow of air exchange with the wine. A tapered and curled tip adds a second level of functionality to the Ayam: the closed tail counter weighs the neck and base to allow the decanter to hang off the side of the table. True to Riedel’s guiding philosophy of form follows function, the piece therefore maximizes space while still efficiently double decanting when wine is poured into and from the decanter, greatly reducing the time needed to aerate the wine. The first Riedel decanter to balance and suspend from the table, the Ayam is an innovation and conversation piece, adding to the convivial wine experience at the table. 

"With the Riedel Ayam decanter I sought to create something exceptional and entirely new to mark Riedel’s 260th anniversary as glass-makers. I was inspired by the rare and striking presence of the Ayam breed," notes Maximilian. "As a family we strive to develop revolutionary wine tools and we are very proud to have created a special decanter that can not only stand on the table but can also hang from it." 

Dimensions: 11- 3/8" H X 16- 1/2" L X 5- 3/4" W
Capacity: 60 fl oz.

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