NV Festa


500ml, 18.4%

RELEASED: February 2022

STYLE: Fortified Red Wine

NON-VINTAGE: Blend of 2017/2018/2020

REGION: Oliver, British Columbia

31.9% Petit Verdot 2017
15.9% Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
20.2% Cabernet Franc 2018
19.9% Lemberger 2020
12.1% Merlot 2020

TASTING NOTES: Raisin, plum, dried fruit, strawberry, brown sugar, spice, Medium body, long lingering finish

PRODUCTION NOTES: Fortified Wine, high alcohol grape spirit is added to the wine during fermentation which stops the fermentation process leaving residual sugar and raising the alcohol to its final level, followed by oak aging

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Glass House Estate Winery


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